Sunday, July 1, 2018

Smashwords Summer Sale 2018

One of the things I've loved about Smashwords over the years is their commitment to making the customer experience a good one—their innovation in their self-publishing platform continues to evolve, and as always, I'm delighted to be part of their annual summer sale. For the month of July, my work is available for free on Smashwords. I hope you enjoy them!  

Legend has it that the love of Prince Vlad Dracula’s life committed suicide during a siege when the odds of winning were slim. This is the story of Ecaterina Floari, consort to the Wallachian prince who served as inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. A ruthless warlord in the fifteenth century, Prince Dracula fought valiantly against those who would control the land of his ancestors. As his consort, Ecaterina accompanied him in the turbulent years of exile and discovered an ancient force influencing their lives. Her devotion to him was eternal, and she followed him into immortality…  

Known as “Granía of the Gamblers,” Granía O’Malley makes a high-stakes bet to buy her freedom and the ability to continue her livelihood as pirate queen on Ireland’s west coast. She enters into a dangerous agreement with Queen Elizabeth’s spymaster, Sir Francis Walsingham, and soon finds herself caught up in a web of intrigue that is plunging her country, as well as her family, into chaos. At war with a cruel governor while serving as one of Walsingham’s many spies, Granía struggles to maintain stability within her family and fleet and provide an enduring legacy for her heir to the seas. A story full of adventure and passion, Dark Lady of Doona portrays the life of a formidable woman who defied traditions by commanding her own fleet of ships and leading her loyal followers into rebellion.  

A young noblewoman dreams of accompanying her beloved into battle and becoming a legendary heroine. The year is 1588, and King Philip II of Spain sends his armada on a holy war against Queen Elizabeth I. Despite her lover’s warnings, she schemes to join him on the Nuestra Señora del Rosario, flagship of the Andalusian Squadron. She wasn’t prepared for the harsh conditions, fierce storms, and ultimately, crossing paths with the queen’s most formidable privateer, Sir Francis Drake—a man who carries her fate in his pocket. Through an enchanted mirror, a mysterious force from the New World is summoned, and Consuela waits, held captive on a foreign shore, in hope of rescue.   

In the Sumer-Akkad Federation, false oracles cultivate selfish ideologies that lead to widespread corruption and oppression. Neglected gods send emissaries to find true oracles and set a revolution in motion. Two friends become a force for change in the ancient heart of the federation—and both make perilous journeys that shape the course of history.  

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Muse Summoner

It’s an alchemical formula: the right playlist, the video game with moody, gorgeous graphics, and the show worth binge-watching. A carefully planned meal that reflects the story’s culture. The various media are played in a certain order throughout the day. Deep into the evening, she reaches for a fountain pen and opens the journal with smooth paper that is meditative when she runs her fingers over the pages. It helps her think. The tip of the fountain pen skims over the surface like a figure-skater, leaving a trail of shiny black words that echo deep below. Abzu, she says—the Sumerian word for the primordial ocean. Her mind, ensorcelled, drifts in the multiverse of inspiration until she creates an original world of her own.